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No Author Welsh Without Worry. An Easy and Helpful Guide For All Who Wish to Learn Welsh.  £10.00 
Cymdeithas Weddi'r Annibynwyr
Gweddio. Aarweiniad Dyddiol i Faes Gweddi.  £20.00 
Prichard, Rhys
CannWyll y Cymry.  £28.00 
Coron, Pris Hanner
Cymry Enwog.  £18.00 
Evans, Ifor
University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Ifor L Evans. Principal, 1934 - 1952.  £12.00 
Welsh Made Easy. A Self-Instructor For Use in the Home. Parts 1, 2, and 3. Complete Set.  £30.00 
Geographia 2 Miles to 1 Inch Road Map of England and Wales. Number 7: North Wales.  £6.00 
Thomas, Dylan
Deaths and Entrances.  £10.00 
Jenkins, David
'I Hope to Have Good Passage'. The Business Letters of Captain Daniel Jenkins, 1902 - 11.  £72.00 
Rees, J F
Of Welsh Nationality and Historians.  £10.00 
Middleton, Wiliam
Barddonniaeth neu Brydyddiaeth. Yn ol argraffiad 1593, gyda chasgliad o'i awdlau a'i gwyddau. Golygwyd gan G J Williams.  £24.00 
Pickens, Rupert
The Welsh Knight: Paradoxicality in Chretien's Erec et Enide.  £18.00 
Thomas, D O
Richard Price and America.  £10.00 
Lewis, Roy
The Rhythmical Creation of Beauty.  £10.00 
Brooke, Christopher
The Church and the Welsh Border in the Central Middle Ages.  £36.00 
Sandys, Oliver
Caradoc Evans.  £24.00 
Morton, H V
In Search of Wales.  £6.00 
Nicholas, T E
The Prison Sonnets of T E Nicholas. Translated from the Welsh by Daniel Hughes, Dewi Emrys, Eric Davies, Wil Ifan. Preface by Dr. Iorwerth Peate.  £12.00 
Lovegrove, E W
St Davids Cathedral.  £14.00 
Defoe, Daniel
A Tour Through England and Wales. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £16.00 
No Author North Wales Photographs by Judges' Ltd.  £16.00 
No Author All Saints Church. The Tower Cook Book.  £6.00 
Williams, Ifor
Canu Aneirin.  £28.00 
Craigie, John
Cambrian Journey. An Illustrated Guide to Hostelling in Wales.  £8.00 
Spurrell, George James
Notes on the Hebrew Text of the Book of Genesis, with Two Appendices.  £14.00 
Fraser, David
Y Goresgynwyr. Cymru mewn hanes, Cyfrol I, hyd 1066.  £10.00 
Charnell-White, Cathryn
Welsh Poetry of the French Revolution, 1789 - 1805.  £16.00 
May, Andrew
Welsh Missionaries and British Imperialism. The Empire of Clouds in North East India.  £58.00 
Johnes, Martin
Wales Since 1939.  £14.00 
Biddulph, Joseph
Landsker: Portrait of the Two Dialects of Pembrokeshire, Welsh and English.  £16.00 
Jones, David
Looking Back at the Thirties. (Essay in: The London Magazine, Volume 5, No 1, April 1965)  £10.00 
Allchin, A M
Ann Griffiths.  £10.00 
Barrett-Hamilton, G E H
Notes on the Habit of the Northern Fur Seal. (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Volume 14, No 89, 1899)  £16.00 
Prys Williams, Gwylmor
Patterns of Teenage Delinquency, England and Wales 1946 - 61.  £12.00 
Lower Palaeozoic. Collection of Offprints. North and Central Wales, South Wales.  £46.00 
Parry, Gwenlyn
Y Twr.  £10.00 
Lewis, Eiluned
Gwraig y Capten.  £8.00 
Vaughan, Arthur
Dixon, E E L
The Carboniferous Succession in Gower.  £18.00 
Double, I S
The Petrography of the Triassic Rocks of the Vale of Clwyd.  £10.00 
Betham-Edwards, Matilda
Holidays Among the Mountains or Scenes and Stories of Wales.  £12.00 
Dugdale, J S
Dylan Thomas: Under Milk Wood.  £22.00 
Smith, A S D
Welsh Made Easy. A Self-Instructor for Use in the Home. First Part.  £8.00 
Roberts, Angus
Poems by Angus Roberts. To have been published as 'Gnomon'  £16.00 
Jones, David
Hills, Paul
David Jones.  £18.00 
Dale, Penny
Y Dywysoges.  £18.00 
Young, Mike
Superted yn ol I Gastell Iasoer.  £18.00 
Mathias, William
Music Now - A View from the Bridge (The 1979 Menai Music Festival Lecture).  £10.00 
Withey, Alun
Physick and the Family. Health, Medicine and Care in Wales. 1600 to 1750.  £36.00 
Edwards, J Goronwy
The Building of Flint.  £12.00 
Brooke, Christopher
The Church and the Welsh Border in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries.  £8.00 
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