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Jones, John Gywnfor
The Dialogue of the Government of Wales 1594: Updated Text and Commentary.  £36.00 
Evans, Gwynfor
Heddychiaeth Gristnogol yng Nghymru.  £8.00 
Williams, Glanmore
Yr Eglwys Yng Nghymru O'R Goncwest Hyd at Y Diwygiad Protestannaidd.  £10.00 
Fraser, David
Yr Anturiaethwyr.  £8.00 
Davies, John
O Fon I Fynwy. Detholiad O Ryddiaith A Barddoniaeth.  £12.00 
Young, Mike
Superted yn y Gofod.  £18.00 
Nevin, Edward
Economics of Devolution.  £18.00 
Smith, Nelson
Bridges, E M
Problems of a Small Estuary: Proceedings of the Symposium on the Burry Inlet (South Wales) Held at the University College of Swansea.  £26.00 
Moseley, Malcolm
Mobile Services in Rural Areas: A Report to the Department of Environment and Welsh Office.  £22.00 
Ellis, Peter Beresford
The Story of the Cornish Language.  £4.00 
Carruthers, F J
People Called Cumbri.  £8.00 
Leigh, L H
Police Powers in England and Wales.  £10.00 
Oliver, J
The Wetness of Wales.  £8.00 
Wheeler, R E M
Wales and Archaeology.  £10.00 
Williams, Caerwyn
Y Storiwr Gwyddeleg.  £12.00 
Williams, Caerwyn
Traddodiad Llenyddol Iwerddon.  £12.00 
Boswell, P H G
The Cleavage-Fan in the Silurian Rocks of the Denbighshire Moors and Clwydian Range.  £10.00 
Gunn, Alexander
Timbs, John
Abbeys, Castles and Ancient Halls of England and Wales: Their Legendary Lore and Popular History: Midland.  £12.00 
Gunn, Alexander
Timbs, John
Abbeys, Castles and Ancient Halls of England and Wales: Their Legendary Lore and Popular History: South.  £12.00 
Gabb, James
A Brief Memoir of James Davies, Master of the National School on Devauden Hill, Monmouthshire.  £18.00 
Owen, William
Geriadur Cymraeg a Saesoneg. An Abridgement of the Welsh and English Dictionary.  £68.00 
Lewis, Peter
Eveline. An Account of Mrs Hugh Lewis, MA, JP. By her Son.  £36.00 
Jones, O T
The Geology of the District around Machynlleth and Aberystwyth.  £12.00 
Hughes, R E
Mountford, M D
Studies in Sheep Population and Environment in the Mountains of North-West Wales. 1: Since Medieval Times, 2: Contemporary Distribution of Populations.  £14.00 
Llewellyn, Richard
How Green Was My Valley.  £10.00 
Humphreys, Emyr
Hear and Forgive.  £18.00 
Humphreys, Emyr
National Winner.  £18.00 
Parry, Thomas
Eisteddfod Cymru / The Eisteddfod of Wales.  £18.00 
Thomas, Dylan
The Outing. Illus Meg Stevens.  £5.00 
Thomas, R S
Welsh Airs.  £8.00 
Webster, Charles
Michael, Pamela
Health and Society in Twentieth-Century Wales.  £36.00 
Thompson, Steven
Unemployment, Poverty and Health in Interwar South Wales.  £28.00 
Yr Effengyl yn ol Sant Marc. (The Gospel According to Saint Mark)  £10.00 
Evans, O C
Marine Plans and Charts of Wales. Map Collectors' Series No 54.  £10.00 
Evans, O C
Maps of Wales and Welsh Cartographers. Map Collectors' Series No 13.  £10.00 
Roberts-Jones, Ivor
Cannon-Brookes, Peter
Y Daith i Harlech. The Journey to Harlech.  £12.00 
Steers, J A
The Coastline of England and Wales.  £15.00 
White, Eirene
Thomas Jones: Founder of Coleg Harlech.  £15.00 
Pride, Emrys
Tinman's Progress: The South Wales Tinplate and Steel Sheet Industry in 3 Centuries.  £18.00 
Department of Education and Science
The Educational System of England and Wales.  £8.00 
Ministry of Health
Local Government in England and Wales during the Period of Reconstruction.  £8.00 
Kirby, C
Newson, M D
Gilman, K
Plynlimon Research: The First Two Decades.  £14.00 
Tillett, N R
Town Hall and Shire Hall: An Outline of Local Government in England and Wales. First Edition.  £10.00 
Hill, L A
Comprehension and Précis Pieces for Overseas Students.  £6.00 
Lewis, David
Williams, Deiniol
Atlas Brycheiniog.  £40.00 
Lewis, David
Williams, Deiniol
The Breconshire Atlas. Being a Rendering into English of the Text of Atlas Brycheiniog.  £40.00 
Trow, A H
The Flora of Glamorgan including the Spermaphytes and Vascular Cryptograms, with Index. Prepared under the direction of a Committee of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society. Vol 1.  £28.00 
Jerman, Edward
Dyddiadur Methodistiaidd am 1912: Yn Cael ei Olygu Dros Gymanfa Gyffredinol y Methodistaid Calefinaidd. (Welsh Methodist Diary)  £56.00 
Chadwick, Nora
The Celts.  £8.00 
Roberts, R D
Clynnog, Its Saint and Church.  £12.00 
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