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Sacks, Benjamin
The Religious Issue in the State Schools of England and Wales 1902 - 1914: A Nation's Quest for Human Dignity. First Edition.  £15.00 
Ministry of Education Welsh Dept
Education in Wales / Addysg yng Nghymru 1847 - 1947.  £5.00 
Ministry of Education Welsh Dept
The Library in Wales and Welsh Studies / Y Llfrgell yng Nghymru ac Efrydiau Cymreig.  £5.00 
Gosden, P H J H
The Development of Educational Administration in England and Wales.  £8.00 
Walker, Alice
Pupils' School Records: A Survey of the Nature and Use of Cumulative School Records in England and Wales. (National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales)  £9.00 
Lewis, Henry
Hen Gerddi Crefyddol.  £12.00 
Davies, R E
Bilingualism in Wales, with Special Reference to Second Language Teaching and Some Account of the Language Position in Eire and Belgium.  £16.00 
Patmore, J A
Land and Leisure in England and Wales.  £8.00 
Williams, Llewelyn
The Making of Modern Wales: Studies in the Tudor Settlement of Wales.  £10.00 
Gibbons, Gavin
Welsh Border: The Wirral to the Wye.  £4.00 
Thomas, D M
Two Voices.  £16.00 
Poucher, W A
The Welsh Peaks. 2nd ed.  £6.00 
Steers, J A
The Coastline of England and Wales.  £18.00 
Cambrian Lyrics. (Telynegion Cymraeg). Senior Book.  £8.00 
Williams, J S
Dragons and Daffodils. Contemporary Anglo-Welsh Verse. An Anthology.  £9.00 
Dale-Jones, Don
Emlyn Williams.  £10.00 
Price, Cecil
The English Theatre in Wales in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries.  £8.00 
Closs, August
Woge im Westen. Irland, Wales und England im Wandel der letzten Jahrzehnte.  £6.00 
Roberts, D Hywel
Llyfryddiaeth Thomas Gwynn Jones / The Bibliography of Thomas Gwynn Jones.  £10.00 
Displaying 151 to 169 (of 169 books) Page  1  2  3  4